Tools for quick & easy installation of the Hydra-Stop system.

Hydra-Stop offers a range of products and tools designed for the easy, quick installation of our Hydra-Stop System. You can count on our equipment and tools to do their job so you can proceed with your water control project. Click on the links above for detailed information about our equipment features and benefits. A brief summary is provided below:

Insta-Valve 250 Equipment

This equipment is used to install the 4- to 12-inch Insta-Valve 250 Patriot insertion valve.

16" IVP 250 Equipment

This is designed for installation of the 16-inch IVP 250 insertion valve.


The low-cost, lightweight Hydra-Stopper isolates the point of repair, maintenance or replacement for valves and hydrants in just minutes. It can be used accurately and reliably on any common pipe material, including steel, cast iron, ductile iron, asbestos cement, concrete and PVC.


Hydra-Stop’s lightweight tapping machine makes line taps on water and wastewater lines without difficulty.


The Hydra-Power hydraulic power pack is lightweight yet rugged. The large oil reservoir keeps things cool, even when powering through a lengthy tap.


With this sampling kit, you can accurately ascertain the pipe’s inner diameter. This equipment provides the data necessary for determining the best cutter and cartridge combination for your application.


Designed to save time and create a safer environment, our Quick Install Kit decreases IV 250 Patriot installation time by up to 25 percent.


Pipeline Assessment Solution which works in conjunction with the Insta-Valve 250 Patriot insertion valve. System Assessment combined with System Control

Bevel Gear Actuator

The solution for horizontal Insta-Valve 250 insertion valve installations. Ideal for shallow bury applications.