Water Control Is Not a Pipe Dream

Hydra-Stop manufactures insertion valves, line stop fittings and installation equipment that allow municipalities and private water utilities to repair distribution systems without the costs and risks associated with planned or emergency shutdowns.

The total cost of a typical Hydra-Stop solution versus a typical water shutdown and repair could lead to a 44 percent savings by avoiding the incremental costs.

Our solutions provide a safe, productive method of installing valves in under-pressure situations. The foundation of Hydra-Stop is the Hydra-Stop System.

The Hydra-Stop System

The Hydra-Stop System is an efficient, cost-effective solution for the general maintenance of water, wastewater and other liquid distribution systems. It eliminates complete system shutdown, which is critical for many operations and businesses such as hospitals and manufacturing facilities that require water in order to operate. They simply cannot function without it and a lack of water could lead to potentially hazardous situations.

Benefits of the Hydra-Stop System

  • Avoidance of shutting water system results in over 40 percent savings
  • 100 percent of the costs related to shutting down a system are eliminated
  • Isolate repair section vs. system-wide shutdown
  • Reduce time to resumption of normal supply
  • Loss of thousands of gallons of treated water eliminated
  • Limited environmental disruption due to very small excavation
  • Employees are not exposed to flooded trenches with pumps
  • Dangerous use of chop saws removed from process

The uniquely designed products in the Hydra-Stop System eliminate the need to employ obsolete and costly methods of dealing with valve and hydrant problems. The Hydra-Stop System — a flexible and economical method of combining line tapping, line stopping and valve insertion — minimizes investment and operating costs. It consists of:

  • Line tapping equipment for fast and simple line taps
  • Line stopping machines and fittings to isolate the point of repair
  • Valve insertion using permanent valves that can be installed with no interruption of flow and no reduction of line pressure
  • Training and support where and when you need it