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Expert Water
Control Solutions

Hydra-Stop provides municipalities and private water utilities with safe, efficient and cost-effective solutions to conserve and control Earth’s most precious resource … water. Our innovative water control solutions and superior products help you to:

  • Reduce Operating Costs
  • Provide System Control
  • Preserve the Environment
  • Avoid Social Media Fallout
  • Complete Projects On Time and On Budget
  • Improve Safety
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With the Hydra-Stop System,
All Systems Are Go!

The Hydra-Stop System is the foundation of our company. It provides engineers, contractors and municipalities a safe, dependable and productive method of maintaining and repairing aging distribution systems without the costs and risks associated with planned or emergency shutdowns.

Keep your water flowing — and your hospitals, schools and manufacturing facilities running!

Why Our Customers Choose Hydra-Stop Solutions

  • Engineers require superior, field-tested, precisely designed and manufactured products they can count on
  • Contractors benefits from equipment that is easy to install, performs well in the field and increases operator safety
  • Municipalities prefer solutions that offer long-term value, save time and money, and prevent the loss of revenue

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Solution Specialists

Hydra-Stop is the leading provider of water control solutions that permit the maintenance and repair of under-pressure distribution systems, eliminating complete system shutdowns and their associated costs and risks. We are the largest manufacturer of insertion valves, line-stop fittings and valve insertion, line stop and water main tapping equipment. Hydra-Stop supports thousands of municipalities, engineers and contractors around the world.

Experience the Benefits

Our solutions reduce operating costs by 44% over traditional system shutdown costs. When you work with us, you save thousands of gallons of treated water, minimize disruption of water flow, prevent the loss of necessary water revenue, and provide a safer working environment.

Go With the Flow

Due to changing societal attitudes, aging infrastructure, larger pipe sizes and new regulations, the tide has turned away from complete shutdown during water system maintenance tasks. Shutting down because “that’s how it’s always been done” is no longer a viable option. Isolating repair sections to avoid shutdown is now the preferred solution.

The experts at Hydra-Stop are prepared to explain the benefits of our system, create solutions for your problems, teach you the proper use of our products, and meet — or even exceed — your expectations. Isn’t it time to change course and turn to Hydra-Stop for an innovative water control solution?

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