Line Stop Fittings

Stop the Line at the Repair

Line stopping temporarily isolates the section of pipe at the site of the repair or maintenance work, while keeping the remainder of the system in operation.

HSF 250 Patriot Line Stop Fittings

Making repairs on water or wastewater lines under pressure can be a significant inconvenience for customers. That’s because traditional methods require the system to be shut down, interrupting service to potentially thousands of homes and businesses. Fortunately, Hydra-Stop’s line stop fittings enable crews to isolate the pipe requiring service without disrupting pressure upstream of the stop. Thanks to our line stop fitting solutions, utility providers can perform necessary maintenance or repair work without dealing with the risks and interruptions associated with shutting down an entire system.

Fixing a broken main means water can’t flow through it during that time. The extremely high pressure inside the system means it would be dangerous for crews to attempt to work on it while in operation. However, shutting down the entire system means vital service outages for countless people and also can lead to contamination. Our line stop valves solve one of the most difficult problems municipalities and utilities face when upgrading or replacing their outdated or failing infrastructure.

How Line Stop Valves Work

Our line stop valves utilize line-stopping techniques that temporarily plug a pressurized pipe without disrupting the service upstream of the stop. First, a hot tap is made into the water main which allows the insertion of the device under pressure. After the repair work is completed, the operator disconnects the equipment and attaches the completion plug. The installation process is fast, easy and safe, reducing the burden on workers and enabling them to restore service to affected areas with greater speed and efficiency.

The Hydra-Stop Difference

Not only are all our products made in the U.S., but they also meet exacting standards. For example, our HSF 250 Patriot fittings are NSF 61 and ANSI 372 certified by Underwriters Laboratories Inc. They have been pressure-tested at the factory and purchasing them gives customers access to our extensive training and technical line stop support resources.

Featuring heavy-duty stainless steel construction and capable of handling a working pressure of up to 250 psi, our line stop fittings can withstand more punishment than most competing products. The push-and-pin completion plug system also cuts down on the time it takes it install them and eliminates the possibility of a cross-threaded plug. Other time-saving features include integrated lifting gussets, drop-in bolts and slotted flanges. As an industry leader with more than 30 years of experience, we take pride in our comprehensive knowledge of engineering, manufacturing and support. Choosing Hydra-Stop products will ensure trouble-free operations at every phase of your project.

How to Order From Us

Our line stop products make maintaining or repairing water and wastewater lines easy and convenient. We also make the process of purchasing them just as simple. Our sales representatives are ready to help you find exactly what you need, wherever you live. Use our drop-down menu to locate the representative in your state and get in touch with us today to learn more about everything we can do. We’ll be happy to leverage our complete solutions expertise to meet your line stopping requirements.