Product Bulletin: Re-Designed Completion Pins

Product Bulletin: Re-Designed Completion Pins

Hello and welcome to this Hydra-Stop product bulletin video. At Hydra-Stop, we’re always looking for ways to improve productivity, performance and safety, such as the development of the OS and Y Hydra-Tapper machine or the quick pressure test plug. With that in mind we're pleased to announce an Insta-Valve 250 product enhancement, redesigned completion pins. Starting August 13th, 2018 redesigned completion pins will begin shipping with all 4 through 12-inch Insta-Valve 250 insertion valves as existing inventory is depleted. The new pins are machined from 304 stainless steel with an integrated buna end o ring and rubber washer, they are also coated to prevent galling.

Here's how you'll save time and money, the old procedure to set the completion pins in place was a four-step process. Step 1 remove the completion pin plug. Step 2 turn the completion pin, seven and a half turns for the fourth through eighth inch Insta-Valve or ten and a half turns for the 10 and 12-inch Insta-Valve, don't forget to count your turns and remember to back off the pin one quarter of a turn. Step 3 teflon tape the completion pin plug and finally step 4, reinstall the completion pin plug.

Here's the new procedure, after the valve body is mounted and before the pressure test, back out the new style completion pins until they are flush with the inner valve flange. Redesigned pins are shipped fully installed to prevent damage, once out of the way proceed with the valve insertion procedure. Once the valve cartridge has been inserted, use a single 5/16-inch allen wrench to turn the new pins into place until they are snug. This accomplishes two important steps; the valve cartridge is in perfect alignment and a second seal has been established at the completion pin port.

Let's review the benefits of the new redesigned completion pins. A four-step process has been reduced to two simple steps, back the pins out and turn the pins in. The new pins eliminate the need for multiple allen wrenches and the use of teflon tape. You no longer have to count the turns as you set the completion pins. You get perfect valve cartridge alignment every time, which ensures the valve operates as it was designed and finally the new pins allow for Auto-Equalization an exciting new feature coming to you in September of 2018 we'll have more information about Auto-Equalization to share with you soon. As you've seen, use of the new completion pins will save you time and simplify the valve insertion process.

As always if you have any questions please reach out to us at Hydra-Stop. Call us at (800)538-7867 or visit us on the web at Thanks for watching.