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Valve Insertion Is Less Costly Than System Shutdown

The True Costs of System Shutdown

Are you considering an alternative to shutdown when repairing and maintaining your distribution system? In today’s environment, it makes sense to avoid system shutdown due to:

  • Larger pipe sizes, greater water pressure and greater volume of water
  • More demands on your time
  • Age of pipe, valves and hydrants
  • Society’s changed attitudes
  • New regulations
  • Regulation enforcement
  • Water conservation
  • Operator safety

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Are you wondering if line stopping and insertion valve costs are worth it? The actual costs associated with system shutdown include lab fees, the cost of treated water, the costs of advertising the shutdown, the costs of re-chlorination, and the loss of water revenue. Plus, there are the intangible costs, which include negative publicity, possible health risks and more. Valve insertion saves up to 100 percent of the costs associated with system shutdown. When shutdowns are avoided with Hydra-Stop, the cost of the valve is your only equipment expense.

Hydra-Stop Cost Comparison

Remember that excavation, equipment, labor and materials are inherent and remain the same no matter how you do the job. So how do you determine how much you can save? We compared the total cost of a typical Hydra-Stop solution versus a typical water shutdown and repair. The Hydra-Stop solution results in a $3,800, or 44 percent, savings by avoiding the incremental costs.

Here’s how we calculated the savings:

Determined the Cost of a Generic Water Shutdown
We included costs for the gate valve product, restraints and coupling ($1,080), excavation $1,740), backflow issues ($2,255), safety compliance and related ($1,550), communicating with the public ($750), additional fire protection on standby ($750), and locating valves and conducting actual shutdown ($495). 
TOTAL: $8,620

Determined the Cost of a Hydra-Stop Valve Insertion
This project incurs costs only for the Insta-Valve product ($3,062) and the excavation ($1,740).
TOTAL: $4,802

Compared Costs 
The difference in costs between a generic shutdown and the Hydra-Stop valve insertion is $3,818, which means a savings of 44 percent.

Avoid Shutdowns and Reduce Expenses

What happens to your costs in an emergency situation? How many times has scheduled routine maintenance turned into a costly, time-consuming problem? A routine half-day job that becomes a four- or five-day project is a prime example. In a planned or emergency situation, you can avoid all the problems and costs associated with a shutdown by using an Insta-Valve 250 insertion valve.

Your easy-to-operate Hydra-Stop installation equipment can be used for pipe sizes up to 12". Equipment for 16" valve installation is also available. After an initial equipment investment, you maintain a fixed job cost, no customers are out of service and there are no unknown costs.

Use Hydra-Stop and:

  • Reduce costs
  • Reduce health risks
  • Reduce water loss
  • Reduce time
  • Eliminate boil orders
  • Improve public and customer relations

Calculate YOUR True Costs

The Hydra-Stop shutdown calculator worksheet outlines a typical planned shutdown scenario and the costs that occur with that shutdown. Compare the costs of any three shutdowns and see how the Insta-Valve 250 insertion valve from Hydra-Stop fits into your system, saves you money, and allows you to provide better service to your community.

Complete the Hydra-Stop shutdown calculator worksheet to determine your savings.

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