Hydra-Stop is pleased to announce the launch of three new products.

10” and 12” HSF 250 Patriot Line Stop Fittings

Features include:

  • Hydra-Stop’s “Push and Pin” completion system
  • 250 psi working pressure and 375 psi test pressure
  • American Iron and Steel and Buy American compliant


Hydra-Q.I.K. - Quick Install Kit

Insta-Valve installers can save up to 25% on installation time. Remember - “Time is Money!” - save both!

Features include:

  • OS&Y (Outside Stem and Yoke) rising stem assembly
  • 8” and 12” Quick Pressure Test Plugs
  • Hand drill powered equalization system and more

Hydra-Core – Pipe Wall Sampling Kit
Core sample provides accurate pipe inner diameter.

Features include:

  • Single Fitting Sampling System
  • Provides best cutter / valve cartridge combination
  • Works on 6” through 12” sized pipe

For additional information on these three NEW products and our complete line of valve insertion, line stopping and installation equipment call 708-389-5111.

Hydra-Stop News
Posted: June 29, 2017
By: Dirk Christensen