Providing clean, drinkable water is one of the most basic and most important responsibilities of government. Even the earliest communities were built around their access to enough water to sustain their residents and agricultural efforts. Thousands of years later, that hasn’t changed. Municipal water systems continue to be the backbone of thriving communities all over the world. A city’s water supply system is one of its most crucial assets, and it’s one that requires knowledge and experience to manage effectively. That’s why Hydra-Stop has become such an essential partner to municipal water supply systems across the country. Our products and expertise enable cities and towns to manage their infrastructure more effectively and efficiency, allowing them to better perform their responsibilities and serve their constituents.

What We Offer

Our offerings solve a variety of problems for municipal customers. As the largest manufacturer of insertion valves, line-stop fittings and related equipment, we bring considerable expertise to the table. For example, our line-stop valve products enable crews to repair or replace municipal water valves or sections of pipe without interrupting service to customers. Our insertion valves assist customers with the difficult task of updating outdated systems without shutting down service to thousands of homes and businesses. Additionally, our Hydra-View system enables water departments to perform inspections of their pipes with full video and audio output. This makes the system an ideal complement to a utility’s geographic information systems (GIS) mapping.

All our solutions incorporate the latest technology as well as our extensive know-how. We share that knowledge with our customers to educate them on how they can best put our products to work for them. This makes us an indispensable resource for any community that wants to improve how it services its municipal water distribution system.

The Value We Bring

We understand the immense responsibility municipalities have when it comes to serving residents and businesses with the resources they need to survive. For more than 35 years, we have served countless customers in the public sector with solutions that help them improve and strengthen their vital infrastructure. As the pipelines under city streets continue to age, the need for viable and effective strategies to fix them becomes increasingly crucial. We have the ability to supply all this and more — and we can deliver. To learn more about how we can help improve your municipal water distribution, get in touch with us today.