There is perhaps no engineering specialty as underappreciated as water system engineering. The professionals who operate these vital systems for municipalities and utilities have a responsibility that is virtually unparalleled in modern society. Without clean, available water resources, many of the conveniences we take for granted every day would simply cease to exist. This is why engineering for water systems must be approached with the utmost care and skill. It is also why Hydra-Stop has become a trusted name for water system engineering equipment. With our vast expertise behind them, engineers have the tools they need to design or maintain this essential infrastructure.

Our Complete Solutions

We offer a variety of products that can be extremely useful as water distribution engineering solutions. For example, our Hydra-View pipe inspection and assessment platform utilizes advanced video and audio technology to examine pipelines under pressure. By inserting this equipment into a pressurized main, technicians have the ability to inspect for leaks, blockages and other issues without needing to shut down the entire system. This provides them with real-time information they can use to plan maintenance as well as possible future expansions.

The Hydra-View platform also integrates with geographic information systems (GIS) mapping. By adding photo and video evidence of water system pipelines to the data GIS software collects, professionals can arm themselves with a wealth of data they otherwise would not have.

We also offer a full range of insertion valves and line stop fittings. These can serve as critical engineer approved equipment for water systems because they make it possible to repair or replace weakened or damaged valves without interrupting service to customers. Our components reduce the amount of time, money and risk associated with this work. This means engineers can approach this aspect of water system maintenance with confidence, knowing that necessary repairs and upgrades can be performed quickly and safely.

Why Choose Hydra-Stop?

As a leading manufacturer of solutions for effective water management, we have an assortment of engineer approved equipment designed to make the jobs of these professionals easier. We’re dedicated to helping our customers find the most efficient and successful methods for servicing community infrastructure. We’ve developed a reputation for innovation as well as building lasting relationships with our clients. With the extensive experience we bring to the task, municipal and private utilities have the means they need to continue delivering the world’s most precious natural resource.

To learn more about how we can leverage our offerings to assist engineers, get in touch with us today.