The Service Providers tasked with repairing and upgrading our drinking water infrastructure have a serious responsibility. Without functional water systems, the quality of life and commerce can suffer. That’s why Hydra-Stop offers a wide range of equipment designed to make their work as safe and efficient as possible. With our complete lineup of water system maintenance equipment, the crews responsible for maintaining service to homes and businesses have the solutions they need. We have created some of the most advanced products in the industry, earning a reputation for innovation. Our system control equipment for service providers are among the best available today.

Our Complete Solutions for Service Providers

As a leading valve manufacturer in the municipal water industry, we have an extensive array of offerings that enable technicians in the field to do their work with enhanced efficiency and safety. Our inventory includes:

  • Insertion valves — A large number of valves in use throughout the country are old and in need of replacement. Our line of insertion valves for system control allows these outdated components to be replaced without shutting down service to thousands of customers. Because they can be installed on an existing main under high pressure, they make necessary repair work much easier and more convenient.
  • Line stop fittings — Repairing or replacing sections of pipe can create real headaches for workers unless they have the right equipment available. Our line stop fittings for system control solve this problem because they can temporarily isolate a section and allow workers to service it without disrupting the pressure upstream. This makes this type of work much faster and safer for all involved.
  • Other equipment — We also supply a number of products aimed at making the installation of our valves and fittings quick and easy. For example, our Hydra-Tapper water main tapping machine is lightweight and makes line taps much less difficult. The Hydra-Power hydraulic power pack offers a rugged design and reliable operation even with lengthy taps.
  • Why Choose Hydra-Stop?

    Our extensive product line makes us the ideal source for water system maintenance equipment of all kinds. Our innovative designs and commitment to developing long-term relationships with our customers mean contracting companies that serve this sector can find the ideal partner in Hydra-Stop. Our expertise is obvious in the equipment and components they need to deliver the best possible service for their clients. We’re committed to helping them find the most efficient and effective methods for getting the job done.

    To learn more about everything we can do for your company, get in touch with us today.