Hydra-Stop’s revolutionary, lightweight tapping machine makes line taps on water and wastewater lines quick and easy.

Traditional tapping machines can require two, three, or more workers to perform a simple line tap. Hydra-Tapper™ takes only one operator. Cutting labor costs in half is only one of the many benefits you get with the Hydra-Tapper.

Superior engineering, rugged construction and fewer moving parts means Hydra-Tapper is designed to operate without costly and annoying malfunctions. Hydra-Tapper’s light weight also eliminates the need for expensive blocking and bracing often required for supporting traditional heavy tapping equipment. Hydra-Tapper makes it easy to turn an inexperienced worker into a professional line tapper.

Hydra-Tapper Features:

• Variable, modular design alllows Hydra-Tapper to perform linestops and valve insertions

• Adaptable to perform taps to 20”

• Fewer moving parts means fewer costly breakdowns

• Flexible machine works on any tapping valve

• Fast, accurate cutting

• Rated at 250 psi

• Taps a wide ange of pipe, including: steel, cast iron, ductile iron, asbestos cement, concrete and PVC

• Optional pneumatic drive or hydraulic drive with each unit