Hydra-Stop’s low-cost, lightweight Hydra-Stopper can isolate for repair, maintenance, or replacement of valves and hydrants in minutes on any commonly used pipe- steel, cast iron, ductile iron, asbestos cement, concrete, and PVC - with accuracy and reliability.

Hydra Stop’s innovative Hydra-Stopper provides new solutions to old distribution system problems.

Hydra-Stop equipment is economically designed to be completely modular so additional capabilities can be incorporated with the Hydra-Stop Expansion Kits. For example, the Hydra-Stopper can quickly and easily be converted to perform side taps, with Hydra-Tapper™, as easily as it can be converted for valve insertion, with Insta-Valve 250.

When you purchase a piece of Hydra-Stop equipment you own the beginnings of an integrated system that allows you to expand your capabilities, giving you pipeline maintenance flexibility.


Hydra-Stopper Features:

• Proven “stopper” technology including cylindrical and bullet shapes
• Up to 250 psi (17 bar) capabilities depending on model
• 95% to 100% water stops achieved at the point of repair
• Eliminates system shutdown
• Rugged, fast, accurate and easy to operate line stopping
• Equipment that’s available in 4” (100mm) through 20” (500mm)
• Optional by-pass feature