Hydra-Stop has engineered and created a revolutionary set of valve insertion tools to save up to 25% from current insertion valve installation time and greatly increase operator safety.

The Hydra-Q.I.K Quick Install Kit adds several new components as well.

Here is a short review of the new toolset.

  • Rising Stem OS&Y Assembly. The Rising Stem OS&Y assembly allows for the feed screw to be operated from the top of the tapping machine rather than the top of the extended feed screw.

  • 8” and 12” Pressure Test plugs. The new pressure test plugs eliminate the need to use the test flange and require just four hand tightened bolts to install. The new pressure test plugs will significantly decrease pressure testing time.

  • Hand Drill Equalizer. The hand drill equalizer will expedite the pressure testing process and allows for quick and safe equalization during valve insertion. Equalize with water using the drill operated pump, and a 5 gallon bucket with an installed bulkhead valve.

  • 4" - 8” Insertion Spacer - Save 124 feed screw turns during 4-8” valve installation.

Also included:

- Dual lifting magnets - assist in lifting 10, 12 and 16” valve bonnets.
- 12” Temporary Gate Valve Lifting Assist - easily attach to your 12” gate valve and allows for safe lifting.
- Guide Plate with Handles - Handles assist in lifting the insertion tool after valve insertion.
- Spray-on lubricant - quickly lubricate components with a food grade, aerosol spray. No more grease covered hands!

Call today for complete details about the Hydra-Q.I.K. Quick Install Kit to learn how it can save you time, money and create a safer installation environment. 708-389-5111.