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Fact: the inner diameter of a pipe cannot be determined by simply looking at the pipe.

Fact: the inner diameter of the same type and nominal size of pipe can vary from manufacturer to manufacturer and from production run to production run.

The question of “What’s the inner pipe diameter?” often causes an unsettling silence.

Inconsistencies found in the inner diameter of some types of pipe – because of manufacturing variances, date of manufacture, material used, etc, show the importance of knowing not just the outer diameter but also the inner diameter of the pipe where you are planning to install an Insta-Valve 250 Patriot insertion valve.

Knowing the inner diameter of the host pipe permits precision fitting of both the cutter and the Insta-Valve 250 Patriot valve cartridge to be used. Having this information on hand allows for the best shutdown possible.

You might ask - “How can I take a core sample and still proceed with an IV250 installation?”

The Hydra-Core Sampling Process

1) Setup the Hydra-Tapper machine with the Hydra-Core Sampling cutter
2) Make the core sample tap
3) Utilizing a simple formula, determine the pipe inner diameter, cutter size and cartridge size
4) Tap using the core sampling centering tool
5) Proceed with valve installation

In just minutes, these simple steps will provide you with the knowledge necessary to eliminate any guesswork when it comes to inner diameter.

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