Hydra-Stop products have allowed engineers, contractors and municipalities a safer and more productive method of repairing distribution systems without the costs and risks associated with planned or emergency shutdowns to complete those projects.  The foundation of Hydra-Stop is the Hydra-Stop System.

The Hydra-Stop System

The Hydra-Stop System is a cost-efficient solution for the general maintenance of water, wastewater, or other liquid distribution systems.  It eliminates complete system shutdowns which is critical for many operations and businesses like hospitals manufacturing facilities which need water to operate. They simply cannot function without it and a lack of water could lead to potentially hazardous situations.

The uniquely designed products in the Hydra-Stop System, such as the Insta-Valve 250 Insertion ValveTM eliminate the need to employ obsolete and costly methods of dealing with valve and hydrant problems.  The Hydra-Stop System is a flexible and economical method of combining line tapping, line stopping and valve insertion that minimizes investment and operating costs.


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